School Year 2020-2021


Transportation will be offered to all students attending school in-person.

All students will be required to wear a mask to board the bus and while riding the bus. If your child does not have a mask, the driver will provide a disposable mask for your child. Please help us in reinforcing the importance of mask wearing on the bus so that we are able to provide all our students a ride to school.

Students are expected to follow rules of behavior on the bus as always—any failure to follow expectations, including those regarding wearing of masks, will be addressed with the school administrators.

The staff at Smyth Bus will clean and disinfect the buses after all morning runs have been completed and again after the afternoon runs are done.

How students will ride the bus

Students will board the bus filling the back seats first. This is to limit the exposure if they were to walk past others as they get on.

At school, the buses will unload one or two at a time, allowing us to control the flow of students coming into the buildings. Students will be able to have breakfast in the mornings.

While students will walk past others when they get off the bus at individual bus stops, the seating from back to front and disembarking from front to back will limit the time they pass others.

We will provide bus monitors at the elementary level, starting with the buses with the greatest need. Monitors will be provided for middle school and high school as needed.