School Year 2020-2021


The Connecticut State Department of Education is allowing families to opt out of in- person learning temporarily. Should the CSDE change this decision, students would be expected to return to in person classes.

We are also not requiring students who opted out to log into their classes until Sept 10 — the day after laptop distribution for those who have opted out. Your child may hear from their teacher prior to that date so if they have a laptop already they are welcome to check the Portal, email or any other resource. However, scheduled contact with students who have opted out will not occur until September 10.

  • Students who opt out will receive classroom assignments or schedule and will be expected to participate in a mix of instruction including logging in real time to classes, completing work using online resources and completing independent work
  • Students who have opted out may not have the same educational experience as those attending in person classes. Some experiences, such as labs, hands on activities or elective courses, may not be available to those who have opted out
  • Students who opt out will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities or athletics at this time
  • Families can choose to re-enter in-person classes but the transition between options will not be immediate and will take time.

Specific information will be sent home to those indicating they have elected that
option prior to the start of school.

How will instruction work if my student opted out of in-person instruction?

Any student who has opted out of in person classes will still be asked to access the same instruction our students who are attending in class instruction are using and will receive classroom assignments or schedules for middle and high schools.

Teachers will provide students with the assignments, access to online resources, synchronous learning times, and any other learning expectation as those attending in person. However, some experiences will not be available to those students who have opted out—such as hands-on experiments, team activities through physical education, and similar opportunities.

Based on the state guidelines, it is up to parents to ensure that children who have opted out continue to engage in an educational program. If you are struggling with getting
your child to participate, please reach out to the teacher or building administrator and we are happy to problem solve with you. Please help us by making sure your children understand they are required to participate in their school work, even if they opted out.

Thank you for your patience as we learn how to provide instruction in this new way!

Deciding to Attend In-Person

If you have opted your child out of in person learning, we are happy to have you change you mind and decide to have them attend in person.

However, do not send your child without having first contacted the school to discuss the re-entry. We are not able allow students to remain in the building if we have not had time to adequately plan for their arrival.