School Year 2021-2022

Are Required

For the Fall start of the 2021-2022 school year, masks will be required of all students and staff as recommended by the DPH.  Areas with no students, such as separate office areas, may go without masks if all adults present are vaccinated and no students are present in the buildings.

Protocols regarding wearing of masks will be updated as guidance by DPH is updated.

  • Face coverings must cover nose and mouth completely and be closed under the chin 
  • Vented masks are not allowed
  • Neck gaiters require a student to fold the material over so it is doubled
  • Bandanas must be secured under the chin, like a mask
  • Bandanas that are open under the chin will not be allowed
  • Students who do not have masks will be provided them on the bus or in the school

Medical Exemptions

Those with medical reasons they believe exempt them from masks will require medical documentation and a meeting with school officials.

This meeting must occur prior to a student or staff attending for the first day.

Asthma and Mask Wearing

Many of you have had questions regarding asthma and mask wearing. It is actually very important during these times for your asthmatic child to wear their mask. Asthma does put any individual at higher risk for complications if infected with COVID-19 therefore it is extremely important for asthmatics to wear their masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Asthma students should be well controlled on their daily medications at home. Rescue inhalers will be given at school but the nursing staff will be giving them either outside with nursing supervision or close to a window because of the chances of respiratory droplets going into the air. Under the advisement of our medical advisor we will not be administering nebulizer treatments this year. If your child is following their sick asthma plan which requires a nebulizer treatment, your child should be kept home. Students who self-carry their inhaler must go to the nurse’s office this year to self-administer their inhalers. This is to protect others from the potential transmission of their respiratory droplets during the administration of their inhaler. If you have any questions please call your school nurse.

Below is helpful link related to asthma and children during COVID-19:

Water and Mask Breaks

We recognize how difficult it is for anyone to wear a mask for long durations. In school, the use of masks is mandated. We are, however, planning ways to give staff and students mask breaks.

With the hybrid model, less people will be in classrooms each day, meaning we have more space around each other. A space of greater than 6 ft will be created in each class where possible, so students or staff can step to the “mask free zone” within the class and take a short break. This will also be available for water breaks. Students or staff can step into an empty hallway right outside the class if a “mask free zone” can’t be established in the classroom.

Classroom mask breaks will be in addition to breakfast, lunch, snack at BBES, PE when outdoors or other scheduled, full-class mask breaks. Having fewer students in the building also means each building has additional areas where students could distance appropriately for classroom breaks.

The water fountains will be covered so students are encouraged to bring water bottles with their names on them. These bottles can be filled in the cafeteria if needed or in classes with sinks.

We are providing lanyards so students can have their masks on the lanyard when they are not in use to
keep them clean.