School Year 2021-2022

Laptops &

How to Contact I.T.

If families are experiencing technical issues, please contact the IT department directly at

A reminder, our IT staff will exhaust all remote options to assist with technical difficulties before assisting in person — this is to maintain our social distancing and to reduce having many hands touching a device. This can include support for accessing Portals or Teams. We are also creating video tutorials for parents.

Learning Resources

Logging into Microsoft Teams

How do we get a laptop?

We are planning to provide laptops for all students in grades K—12 which will be used both at school and taken home. This will be for students who attend in school and those who opted out.

Students who are in school will receive laptops during the first days of school. Please be patient as we make sure everyone has  what they need as quickly as possible.

Students who have opted out will need to respond to the question about laptops on the form sent to your email by pm on Friday September 4, so we can assign your child a device. If your child is opted out and you do not complete the form prior to Friday, September 4, we will need to follow up at a future date regarding a device. You will not be able to get one on September 9 if you did not complete the form by the deadline.

Students opting out of in-person instruction will be able to pick up laptops at each school on Sept 9 from 12 pm—6 pm. It will be a drive up system. If you have children in multiple buildings you will need to visit the separate buildings.

If you are not able to attend on Sept 9 during those hours, please contact your child’s school to make arrangements. Because devices are inventoried and signed out to individual students, parents will have to stop by each school if they have children in more than one school. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

If you do not want a laptop taken home by your child or you have opted out and do not want a lap top for home use from the district, please watch for a Laptop Distribution and Food Selection form that will uploaded to the Portal early next week.

Laptop and Meal Form

You received a form in your email and on the Parent Portal this morning with three questions pertaining to the Laptop and Meal Form that you will need to fill out. The question regarding the laptop is below:

Does your child need a laptop for home use?

We will assign every child K—12 a laptop for in school use and will assume they will also take it home on days of remotely learning . If you do NOT want your child to take the school laptop home, you need to identify that on the form. If we do not hear back from you, we will send your child home with the laptop. 

If your child is in PreK and you opted out of in-person instruction, please contact your child’s school and we will provide a laptop for you. However, since PK students are in school 4 days, we are not sending laptops home to all PK students as we do not expect a substantial amount of online work. Again, contact Broad Brook if you find you require one for your PK student who will be attending in person.