School Year 2020-2021

Food Services &

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have had a significant number of families respond to our survey, indicating they wanted meals on days the students were not in school but very few families have been coming to get them. Please drop Greg Power a note at if you are experiencing challenges—we are open to making changes to our process to help. We apologize but delivery of meals is not available.

Schools will continue to offer meals that meet the Healthy Foods requirements and USDA requirements, and a safe and healthy meal distribution process is currently being developed by Food Service and building level staff.

All students in the East Windsor Public Schools are now eligible for free breakfast and lunch. Students are automatically enrolled, whether they are in-person or remote learning. See below for more information.

Lunches and other meal space will expand into the gym, so that there will be two eating spaces, giving students a minimum of 6 feet between each other during lunch when masks will not be worn. Additional tables will be purchases as necessary to provide sufficient space for recommended physical distancing.

East Windsor’s application for community eligibility for free breakfast and lunch for  all students has been approved. More information will be coming about what this  means for our students.

Students will be asked to identify if they will access school meals the days they are in school and on the days they are remote learning. The option to choose will be included on the same form at the laptop selection. By choosing meals, it allows us to plan better— students may change their minds day to day — but we ask families who are making a long term change of plan to notify us.

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Meals Distribution

All students will be able to receive free breakfast and lunch every day that school is in session.  This is available on both days when students are physically in the classroom and when they are learning remotely. This is also available to students who are learning remotely full-time.  Meals will be available Monday—Friday, except for school holidays (Columbus Day or school vacations, etc…).

If you identified that your child will generally want meals on these days, meals will be available at the following:

East Windsor High School — pick up at side door of the cafeteria in the bus loop. Hours between 7:40 am—8:40 am

East Windsor Middle School — pick up at the side door of the cafeteria in the bus loop. Hours between 8:15 am and 9:15 am

Broad Brook Elementary — pick up at the front doors in the bus loop. Hours between 9:15 am and 10:15 am

We will have an extended pick up hours on Wednesday only from 8 am to 10 am at all schools.

Families will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch for that day. Meals will be the same as those on the menu in the schools and will be served cold with reheating instructions included if it was a hot meal on the menu.

The Laptop and Meal Form

You should have received a form in your email and on the Parent Portal with three questions regarding meals and laptops. The questions pertaining to food services are below.

Will your child receive meals during out-of-school learning?

Any East Windsor student can receive free breakfast and lunch on days they are not physically in school —this includes students who opted out. We are asking families to choose what they generally plan to do. If you choose yes, you don’t have to come every day and if you choose no, you could come periodically but having everyone’s general choice will help us plan and not waste food.

Will your child receive meals during in-school learning?

Again, all students physically in school on their identified days are able to receive free breakfast and lunch. We are asking families to identify their general choice so we can better plan for meals.

If you choose yes, you don’t have to eat every day and if you choose no, it’s ok to have hot lunch periodically.