School Year 2020-2021

Instructional Model

Re-Opening Updates

Parent Update, 10/30/2020

Updating you on in-person learning, travel during the upcoming holidays, and inclement weather.

Parent Update, 10/22/2020

This week, we discuss a ramp-up in in-person learning, contact tracing, mask hygiene, and more.

Parent Update, 10/09/2020

As we move into mid-October, I am very pleased to share that we have been able to remain in school so far. Staff and students continue to follow our protocols and the nursing staff has been doing an amazing job supporting our students and staff who present with any...

Parent Update, 10/2/2020

We have completed the first month of school so far and thank everyone for continuing to support the school community with mask wearing, hand washing and following our COVID 19 related school protocols. We are seeing some students come to school with vented masks....

Parent Update 09/18/2020

Updates about food services, masks, and a big thank you to everyone

Travel Advisory

Families that are traveling out of state or internationally should review guidance from the CDC and the state of Connecticut regarding self-quarantine.

Student Schedules at the Middle School and High School

Student schedules at EWMS and EWHS will be out as soon as possible — thank you for your patience.

As of Monday, November 2, 2020, East Windsor’s hybrid instructional model will change. This change will only affect students attending in-person classes. But what does that mean?

  • November 2: students in grades K, 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, and 12 across the district will begin attending in-person classes 4 days per week
  • November 16: students in grades 3,4,7,8,10, and 11 across the district will begin attending in-person classes 4 days per week. Until this date, these grades will continue with their current hybrid model
  • If you have decided that your child will do full remote learning, they do not need to come in to attend classes.
  • All other grades will continue with the current hybrid model, as described below

Important Dates

September 3, 4, 10, & 11 2020

First days of school for students in grades 1-12 with last names beginning with L-Z

September 8, 14, & 15 2020

First days of school for students in grades 1-12 with last names beginning with A-K

September 10

First day of school for Pre-K

September 10, 11, 17, & 18 2020

First days of school for students in Kindergarten with last names beginning with L-Z

First Day of School for Pre-K

September 14, 15 2020

First days of school for students in Kindergarten with last names beginning with A-K

Notice about Public School Buildings

Due to the possible spread of COVID 19, we will not be allowing visitors to enter our school buildings. This will include parents for drop off or pick up of students.

You are invited to ring the buzzer at any of our schools or Central  Office and someone will try to assist you. Central Office  has a locked drop box if you need to leave forms or payment.

If we are unable to assist you outside of the building, any  visitor will be required to wear a mask at all times inside our buildings.

Parent meetings will be scheduled remotely when at all possible.

We are also not able to accept volunteers at this time.

We appreciate your understanding with this change of process.

Broad Brook Elementary School

East Windsor Middle School

East Windsor High School

What the hybrid instructional model looks like

 As of today, the plan is for teachers generally to deliver “typical” instruction to students Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We are referring to it as “typical instruction” because it will not be the exact same instruction each day.

Teachers will deliver new lessons on those 4 days — lessons won’t be repeated or identically duplicated for each group. When group A is in person, group B will access the class remotely. They will log on for the primary instruction — that may be a lecture, a model, a mini-lesson, a read aloud, or some other lesson, depending in the goals of the day. Whether teachers require students to stay on for the whole class period will depend on what the lesson involves.

The students who opt out or miss class will be expected to watch the recording of critical parts of the instruction if they are not able to log in live. We do not anticipate entire class periods being recorded daily.

The role of online resources will be shared in more detail — however, we are looking at continuing to use SeeSaw at the elementary school. The middle school and high schools will continue to use the Portal as one resource.

All of this will require some patience from all of the staff and families, as well as quite bit of trial and error. No one has re-entered school after a multiple month closure in a worldwide pandemic and tried to learn or teach in a hybrid model so this is a new world for staff and families alike.

This information will continue to be updated as teachers participate in professional development and do more specific work on their planning.

Sports, Spectators, and Extra-curricular activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

EWMS and EWHS are planning to offer extracurricular activities such as clubs beginning in October. That is also when the late bus will begin.

Further information will be sent out by each school when preparation for those activities are taking place.

Chorus and band will not be offered at any of our schools for the time being. Some small group music lessons may be offered outdoors only. This decision, while difficult, was based on recommendations from the Department of Education and guidance from our Health District regarding provision of music and band.


The CIAC has provided guidelines for a fall sports season. The athletic committee at EWHS has met to review the guidelines and their impact on EWHS athletes.

For more information about athletics at EWPS, click the button below.