School Year 2020-2021

SCHOOL IN 2021-2022


Currently in the 2021-2022 school year, East Windsor’s schools are fully in-person.

Voluntary, remote learning is no longer required by the Connecticut State Department of Education and therefore will not be offered by the East Windsor Public Schools.  All students are required to attend in person starting with the first day of school for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Elementary and middle school students continue in cohorts as they have for the 2020-2021 academic year. High school students are unable to cohort.


We will maintain 6ft of distance between students when they are eating and unmasked. In other settings, physical distancing maintained as much as possible and seating charts and assigned bus seats will continue to assist with determining close contacts as needed.


All students and staff are required to wear masks as recommended by DPH. Areas with no students, such as separate office areas, may go without masks if all adults present are vaccinated and no students are present in the buildings.

Protocols regarding wearing of masks will be updated as guidance by DPH is updated.


Over the past month, we have implemented Governor Lamont’s Screen and Stay initiative on a trial basis, keeping close track of the results along the way. While the governor’s office designed the program to help keep students learning in schools, we have seen a strain on our resources and our ability to support student learning. This has only become challenging following the recent Thanksgiving break. The increase in positive COVID-19 cases within our community, state, and schools has resulted in a much larger number of students participating in the Screen and Stay program.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to continue to implement the Screen and Stay protocols while also requiring staff to perform their daily duties necessary for the operation of our schools. We will continue the Screen and Stay program through the current month of December. However, the Screen and Stay program will be paused going into January 2022, following the holiday break.

We will evaluate the program and our school community’s data throughout January to determine what is best for our students and staff regarding this initiative. We will continue to follow the protocols provided by the Department of Public Health and the State Department of Education regarding close contacts and quarantining. As a refresher, those guidelines include:

• Vaccinated students may remain in school but are we required to be tested between on day 5 after their initial exposure. Students may remain in school while awaiting their test results as long as they remain symptom free.
• Unvaccinated students need to quarantine. If they test negative for COVID-19 on day 5 after their initial exposure, they may return to school on day 8 provided they show no symptoms.
• In the event of a positive student COVID-19 test, the student is required to quarantine for 10 days. They may return after the 10 days are complete and they show improved symptoms. Alternative learning is currently communicated and provided by your child’s teachers through the use of remote assignments and/or remote participation with live instruction
• The required COVID-19 test is the PCR test. The district’s nursing staff will verify a students’ vaccination card following strict HIPAA and FERPA rules. All test results should be emailed to your school nurse.


Mary Jo Lamas RN –                     EWHS – 860-627-0169/fax 860-758-7509 

Mary Ann Stroiney RN BSN –   EWMS – 860-654-0094/fax 860-370-9832         

Christie Michaud RN BSN –     Broad Brook – 860-627-4986/fax 860-386-6059 

Mystica Davis LPN –                   Broad Brook – 860-627-4986/fax 860-386-6059     

Appropriate accommodations for children with disabilities with respect to the health and safety policies

The Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and the Nurse Leader work collaboratively to meet the needs of our students with disabilities. Meetings or PPTs are scheduled with families to discuss individual needs as identified.

Continuity of Services

The district has 5 social workers and behavior intervention staff and is adding more staff with the focus of meeting students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs. We follow the Restorative Practice philosophy to support students and focus on establishing a culture of inclusiveness and establishing strong relationships with students.

The district will continue to provide a standards based core curriculum with differentiation for students requiring addition support. Targeted intervention will be provided through reading and math teachers and tutors for students showing the greatest need. Classroom, small group and individual social/emotional and behavior support are provided in addition to the use of Responsive Classroom and Circles. We deliver a high quality curriculum for social emotional learning through morning meeting and advisory.

The Service Team process will continue to help identify supports needed for students struggling in any area impacting school. This can include academics, behavior, health, attendance or peer relationships.

Staff will continue to engage parents with specific outreach for attendance and academic struggles.

Nursing will be increased for the 2021-2022 academic year to allow ongoing response to both physical and mental health based reports of illness and communication with families.

East Windsor provides free breakfast and lunch in all three district schools which will continue for the 2021-2022 academic year. The availability of free meals is shared online and through the Parent Updates with families.

Notice about Public School Buildings

While public school buildings will be open, we will be minimizing the number of visitors to the buildings. We will be following our standard protocols for allowing visitors in, as well as the following:

  • All visitors will be required to wear masks when students are present.
  • Unvaccinated visitors will need to wear masks.
  • All students and staff are required to wear masks as recommended by DPH.
  • Areas with no students, such as separate office areas, may go without masks if all adults present are vaccinated and no students are present in the buildings.

Protocols regarding wearing of masks will be updated as guidance by DPH is updated.

Sports, Spectators, and Extra-curricular activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

Because of the variable needs of different activities, please contact your school for the guidelines that align to the extra-curricular activities you are interested in.


Information about our athletic guidelines can be found here: