School Year 2020-2021

Our Schools

Our custodial staff has a cleaning and disinfecting schedule for all buildings which will be followed daily. We are hiring extra staff to ensure high touch areas including doorknobs and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily or more!

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Areas that require cleaning and then disinfecting include: door knobs, desks, bathrooms and shared materials—although we are avoiding shared materials whenever possible!

Regular Cleaning

Per the Department of Public Health, most surfaces in the schools only require regular cleaning—such as floors, walls, light fixtures, most indoor items and outdoor items.

Other Materials

Porous materials, such as cloth, that are difficult to clean are being removed or avoided whenever possible. We are actively removing area rugs, any cloth materials in classrooms, cloth chairs in common areas, and any other commonly found porous materials.

Staff and students MAY NOT bring in their own cleaners. It is potentially unsafe to mix chemicals with those already in use—the district will provide appropriate cleaning materials in all classrooms.

Sprayers and foggers

The Department of Public Health STRONGLY DISCOURAGES the use of any sprayers or foggers in schools — they increase risk of respiratory issues such as asthma, and they do not provide additional benefit over manual disinfecting and all surfaces need to be manually cleaned prior to disinfecting with any method.