School Year 2020-2021


The School Based Health Center (SBHC) will be offering COVID-19 testing for students who have COVID-19 symptoms.

The test is a rapid antigen test. It done by the student or the parent of thevstudent who would place a swab in the nose. Families would receive results in approximately 15 minutes by phone.

If a student does test negative the recommendation would be that the student still go for a PCR nasal swab. This test typically takes 2 days for the results to return.

In order for a student to be tested for COVID-19 through the School Based Health Center, students must be enrolled in the SBHC. The link for enrollment is

All students in the district can be tested if enrolled.

Middle School students would go to go to Broad Brook School for testing.

If you have any questions you can call the SBHC at East Windsor High School (860)623-3361 (Ext:7246) or at Broad Brook School (860) 623-2433 (ext:5172)


If your child attends school in cohort A or B and you are keeping them home because they are experiencing COVID—19 symptoms, it is imperative that you contact your child’s school nurse and inform them.

The school nurses will need to follow the district’s health protocols regarding possible illness.

If your think your child may just have a cold what do you do?

This link has good guidelines that you should follow:

How do I prepare my child for a COVID-19 test?


What do you do if your child has COVID-19 symptoms?

Contact Tracing Scenarios in Schools

Districts have received guidance from DPH regarding possible responses to positive cases of COVID 19 in schools.

Decisions about classroom and school closures are made based on the specific circumstances of each case and one case does not automatically mean a classroom or school will be closed.

Any staff or student who is a contact as defined by DPH in Addendum 9, will be contacted directly by the school.

If you do not receive a call, that will mean that neither you nor your child is a close contact.