In this week’s Parent Update, we want to share important information and updates about:

  • Remote Learning Day on Tuesday, April 6 for staff vaccinations
  • Return to 5 day in-person learning
  • COVID-19 cases
  • Travel
  • Standardized Testing Schedule
  • Damaged or missing devices
  • Meals on Tuesday

Tuesday, April 6, will be a remote learning day so our staff can receive their second dose of the vaccine. A substantial number of people suffering side effects has been reported with all the vaccines, so we intentionally scheduled their vaccination day to be immediately prior to a regularly scheduled remote day. Our goal was to avoid any unscheduled, remote learning days due to staff illness.
That said, we urge you to have back up plans for April 8 on the small chance that our staffing, or the bus company staffing, is affected to the degree that we cannot transport or safely provide in-person services due to continued staff absences. We are not anticipating this, but we also do not want to surprise families.

The East Windsor Public Schools will return to in-person learning on Wednesdays beginning the week of April 26 – immediately following our April break. We will continue to have early release each Wednesday for the remainder of this academic year. The early release will allow staff to balance the needs of our remote learners while increasing in-person learning for students in our buildings.
Remote learning will likely look different for the remainder of the year as teachers will have in-person classes on Wednesdays. Staff will continue to provide a schedule of when our remote learners should log into their live-streamed classes and videos will continue to be posted. Broad Brook Elementary School families will receive instructions on how to access recorded lessons not posted in SeeSaw.

Anyone who is not able to log in during scheduled instructional time will need to access the online resources. Staff availability for individual support will also change as we readjust to in-person learning 5 days. Please be patient and flexible if your remote learner is reaching out for support.
If you intend to change from remote to in-person learning, we ask that you contact your child’s building as soon as possible, if you did not already complete the survey. If you have completed the survey AND intend to return in-person, you do not need to call the schools.

We have had one positive cases since the last parent update.

We know that staff and families are planning to travel during the April break. Please be reminded that leisure travel is not recommended even though the Governor’s travel advisory has been lifted.
In the East Windsor Public Schools, we are still requiring quarantine for any unvaccinated staff or students following travel or exposure to a known positive case of COVID-19.

We have made modifications to our quarantine requirements:

  • Your child can quarantine for 10 days and return to school on day 11 if they feel well without being tested or,
  • Your child can get tested between days 3 and 5 following exposure or return from travel and return to school no sooner than day 7 with a negative test and if they are feeling well. Students must quarantine while waiting for test results and they are expected to access remote instruction during that time.
  • If your child is tested, both the results of a PCR test or a positive rapid test are acceptable. A negative rapid antigen test is not accepted because there are too many false negative results with those tests.

This is also the time of year when we see many students with seasonal allergy symptoms. Some seasonal allergy symptoms can mimic COVID-19 symptoms. If your child has seasonal allergies, please provide your school nurse with documentation from your primary care physician stating your child has seasonal allergies. This will assist the nursing staff in making appropriate nursing assessments on when to send students home during this pandemic.

Any middle and high school student athletes who travel outside of Connecticut for more than 24 hours are required to quarantine for 14 days. Per the Connecticut State Department of Health, there is no way to test out of the quarantine for athletes.

We will be serving “to go” meals from East Windsor Middle School. Families will be able to pick up meals for both Tuesday and Wednesday at that time.

Please look for communication from your child’s school regarding spring SBAC, NGSS, and PSAT/SAT testing. There will be information regarding testing schedules, remote options for testers, and specific details relating to each school. Please feel free to contact your child’s assistant principal with any questions related to this information.

If you have a school owned laptop or other electronic device that has been damaged or is missing, we need you to contact the school as soon as possible. Devices should be looked at and repairs addressed as soon as possible. We will also work with families to replace missing devices and arrange for payment. We will need to collect all school owned devices prior to the end of school.

Thank you and enjoy the long weekend.