Good afternoon,

We have a positive case of COVID-19 at East Windsor High School.  All of the contact tracing has been conducted and we are following all of our process and protocols.  If you or your child have not heard from the nursing staff then students and staff are able to return to school tomorrow.

I need to remind the EWPS community of multiple points that are critical in our mitigation of COVID 19.

First it is required for students to wear masks at the bus stops and on all buses  as well as at all times in school buildings or on school grounds unless it is during an approved break from mask wearing (meals, etc…).

Anyone who has been tested for COVID-19 must stay home until the test results come back and are negative.  Also, if someone tests positive, the school nurse absolutely must be informed.  I understand that some families may be hesitant to share health related information but if a student tests positive then the health district will also inform us. A delay in the school being notified could result in many students or staff being exposed to COVID-19 unnecessarily therefore we ask families to contact us immediately of the positive test.  We do not want to rely on notification from the health district as they are increasingly busy as cases across Connecticut increase. We have also been asking in the Parent Updates for families to contact the school nurse if students are home with any signs of COVID-19. Those symptoms are on our website and also available through Department of Public Health.  We are requiring the same steps of our staff.

I realize that it is very challenging to have students wear masks when they are outside of school but I need to ask for all of your help in encouraging students to wear masks any time they are outside of their homes.  Not wearing masks outside of school could increase the numbers of students and staff exposed and needing to quarantine for 14 days.  We appreciate your help with this.

Today’s case is the 5th positive case for people who work in/attend our schools.  I have sent an email and text through School Messenger for each case and plan to continue to do so at this point.  We have been prepared to respond to cases and all staff, especially our nursing staff and custodial staff, have been responding very quickly and efficiently to any cases of suspected or confirmed COVID.

The Governor, the Commissioner of Education and the Department of Public Health have continued to share that there is little evidence that COVID is spreading in schools.  Certainly cases come into schools from community exposure but spread in schools is very low.  They are all strongly encouraging districts to remain open and to provide high quality, in-person learning for our students.  My plan, based on our current situation, is to remain open for in-person learning – this could change day by day based on the numbers of staff or students who need to quarantine and if we are able to staff our buildings.  Please encourage your children to have their laptops with them every day as the decision to move to remote learning could occur with little or no warning particularly if it is due to lack of staff.

In addition, the CIAC Board of Control has postponed winter sports until January 19.  We will keep you updated about East Windsor sports as things change.

Please check your email next week in case there are any changes or updates.  I do not plan to send a Parent Update next week due to the Thanksgiving break.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Best regards,