I hope everyone is enjoying the early, fall-like weather. Given our mask requirements, it is certainly easier to deal with these temperatures rather than extreme heat.

All of our students continue to do a great job following our new protocols, especially those about masks. We realize it’s challenging for all of us to keep them on but appreciate how compliant everyone has been following these critical mitigation strategies. We ask that you continue to ensure your students wear appropriate face coverings to school — including on the bus — every day. Masks with vents are not allowed. Please see the Masks page of our website for more information about appropriate face coverings as provided by the Department of Public Health.

Thank you to all of our students and families for their continued patience as we work through the challenges of a new instructional model and increased load on our technology. We appreciate your sharing any issues you may encounter and thank you for understanding that we may need a few days to get things addressed.

Also, check for updates on this site, especially related to our health and meals! All students in the East Windsor Public Schools are now eligible for free breakfast and lunch. There is nothing for families to do—just have your enrolled students come in for meals when they are in person or see Food Services for how you can get free breakfast and lunch on days you are remote — this includes our students who have opted out!