Thank all of you for the great questions this week! I will continue to provide more specifics in the weekly newsletter and on this site.

This entire process is moving rapidly. We continue to receive updates from Connecticut State Department of Education and our health district and the plan is continuing to develop.

I also encourage you to continue sharing your questions with the building administrators or myself. That is the only way we know what you are worried about and can provide
you with accurate information.


The updated school calendar was voted on at the BOE meeting. The first day with students will be Sept 3 for grades 1-12 and Sept 10 for grades PK and K. The new calendar will be added to the EWPS website.

Students at the end of the alphabet (Group B) will start Sept 3 and 4 and students at the beginning of the alphabet (Group A) will start Sept 8. (What is the alphabet? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the a detailed description)


In response to the question about sending children for in-person instruction, we have had responses from approximately 45% of our students and of those who responded, 39% are not planning to come into school physically. Of the 455 parents who have responded so far, 177 of those students will be “opting out” of in person instruction: 84 from BBES, 57 from EWMS, and 37 from EWHS.

We need more responses to properly plan for the school year! It is critical – especially this year – for all families to complete the online form which asks which format you will choose for the start of school.

We also need for families to update their phone number and email address in case we need to contact them, as well as emergency contacts in case they are unavailable. It is especially important this year.

If you are having difficulties filling out this form, please let us know!


We received some information from the Connecticut Department of Public Health regarding processes when a staff or student is sick which I have attached to this update.

However, the update from DPH does not provide the information most of us are waiting for—which is when we might be required to close classrooms or even the whole school. I have reached out to see if we can get additional information from the state; otherwise we will continue working with our medical advisor and health district to further develop those guidelines. They will be shared with you when they are available.


We’ve added information as it’s come available about the following areas: